What’s the process like to become a member?

Following the submission of your membership application and pending your approval, you will be granted access to our membership portal, where you can access exclusive travel packages, event opportunities, and so much more.

Do you offer custom packages?

Among membership’s many benefits is access to our custom event, travel, and concierge packages. We deliver the wow factor by ensuring that every experience – whether leisure family travel or for business, excels expectations. Our experienced team creates custom travel packages specifically designed for busy corporations and executives. 

We are not a travel agency – we are a private association with member concierge services to meet your individual needs. We are attentive, experienced industry professionals dedicated to providing you with top-notch client care – all day, every day.

Are you discreet?

Your privacy is among our top priorities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a well-known influencer on social media, a top business executive, or if your family is active on the political stage – our trusted professionals have your back. We are experienced in client care and travel management, and our network of globally-recognized partnerships, from charters to hotel brands, will ensure that you receive attention only from trusted and conscientious service-providers.